What is Streem Tech?

We believe that only the streamer knows their audience best. Designed to allow for both tinkering and plug and play, we hope to be able to allow each streamer to make something unique to themselves. The goal of streem tech is to create a platform where streamers will be able to create tools to interact with their audiences like they see fit. To be able to chat and play grow like never before, but still maintain that sense of community that comes from streaming. We also hope to provide a series of unique tools for everyone to use, such as our pollster polling.

Jeffrey Koehler (deefdragon)

A computer engineer by degree, a software engineer by title, and a computer scientist at heart, Jeffrey (deefdragon) is the main force behind streemtech, developing both the backend and infrastructure by himself, and having done a large portion of the work on the front end.


Timothy Prestby

Tim is a Master's student at Pennsylvania State University studying geography. While his schooling has prevented him from supporting the project more, he has been vital as a voice in design decisions, and provided an incredible amount of moral support. Check out his incredible design work and portfolio here.


Bradley Marques (Gami)

Bradley is a software engineer with 3+ years of industry experience. He received his bachelor's degree at Harding University and has worked at top companies such as Walmart and GameStop.